Want to Find Your Passion? Get Quiet First

Many moms are looking for a passion (other than their kids). If you find your passion, the money often follows. But to find what you’re passionate about, you must begin by slowing down. That means taking time for yourself to do things that you find enjoyable, like reading a book, lighting candles, taking a bubble bath, listening to jazz and even a quiet walk in the park. Engaging in these activities help strengthen your mind, body and spirit. You may find that taking care of yourself will change your perspective and encourage having an open mind to innovative ideas and new opportunities

About Job Coach Jacqui

Job Coach • Motivated job seekers in a variety of industries to pursue creative job search techniques resulting in 93 hires within 6 months. • Utilized core coaching skills to help job seekers identify and overcome obstacles which created awareness and the development of creative job searching strategies. • Driven by a desire to motivate, serve, and educate thousands of job seekers, offering a common sense approach that creates "Ah-Ha!" moments, leaves lasting impact, and inspires people to take action.

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