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Featured Expert Marketing Specialist David Smooke

Job Coach Jacqui, I conduct interviews with recruiters or HR Professional on my Twitter chat show #Tips2GetAJobChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter at 9pm Est. This is excerpts from my recent interview with David Smooke @DavidSmooke. Internet enthusiast works @SmartRecruiters. Views expressed are my own. Company Blog: SmartRecruiters.com


What’s your job title and company name?
Marketing Specialist, SmartRecruiters.

What do you like most about working with SmartRecruiters?
Driving Down Price

I would ask how do you do that, but that would be giving up your secrets huh?
It’s no secret. Free to the User. Thanks to our partners and add-on services that we continue to unveil, such as job boards, assessment services, background checks, RPOs…

How did you get your job at SmartRecruiters?
Found my job through a job posting by SmartRecruiters on Linkedin. I worked from an internship to a fulltime.

What industry, specialty or function are you in now?
Free Software as a Service (SAAS) for hiring at SmartRecruiters. The function is trying to produce remarkable content.

Do you have a degree &/or certification; If so, what kind and from where?
I have Bachelors Degrees in Economics and Non-fiction Creative Writing from the University of Redlands.

How do you stay current in your industry?
The internet, and by listening to recruiting leaders, such as Jerome Ternynck.

Name two ways you’re networking now?
By trying to make great work, having conversations with strangers and attempting to write remarkable comment

What are your top two blogs and why?
Tech Crunch and Grantland because there’s remarkable content of business, sport and life. The Smart Recruiters Blog isn’t too shabby either ;-]

What are your top two recruiting sources and why?
The top two recruiting sources are social networks and job boards because it’s where the people are.

What do you like most about being a Marketing Specialist?
Trying to make an industry more efficient and because inbound marketing is becoming more important than outbound.