Human Resources Expert Patrina King, MBA

Human Resources expert Patrina King, MBA
Job Coach Jacqui, conducts a interview with Recruiters or HR Professionals on Tips2GetaJob Series. This is excerpts from my recent Twitter chat.

What do you like most about the work you do?
I enjoy the challenges and surprises that we face on a daily basis. We never know what we’re going to run into when it comes to applicants.

What are your top 2 blogs and why?
The FCRA Blog because it helps us keep up with what’s going on in our industry.
The Work Buzz to keep up with employment trends and how they affect job seekers and employers. It helps us gauge when employers may ramp up hiring and background checks.

What are your top 2 recruiting sources and why?
Referrals and Colleges. I like referrals because if I get someone’s contact information from someone, it means that person knows how to network and I consider them a go-getter. I like colleges because the students are eager to learn and haven’t formed habits.

What do you like most about being a President?
I enjoy the ability to make decisions in the company. I know if something doesn’t work, it’s probably my fault. I also like being responsible for keeping up with changes in the industry.

What do you look for in a job candidate?
I look for some knowledge in human resources and the ability to adapt to various situations and environments.

What are the top 2 job search strategies, job seekers should do?
Off line networking as well as the ability to use social media networking. Off line networking is hitting the pavement and speaking to people in their field of choice. With social media networking, the job seeker should establish themselves as a novice (at least) in their field and maybe blog on certain topics or respond to certain blog posts.

When, why and how should a job seeker contact a recruiter/hiring manger?
There is no one answer for this question. There are various circumstances that exist in the different organizations when it comes to communicating with candidates. Sometimes policies and procedures will prevent managers from responding. Other times, managers can feel as if the candidate is being disruptive because they are busy. Then you have those managers who feel contacting them show initiative. To be safe, I would say locate the manager’s email address and send an email and judge it from there.

Share your funniest human resources experience?
My funniest experience would have to be when we were attempting to check a reference for a client’s applicant. The applicant tried to change her voice as if she was the person listed on the application.

Patrina King’s education includes undergrad studies in Technical Management and Human Resources as well as graduate studies in Business and Human Resources. She also published the e-workbook “Prepared”, an interactive interview preparation workbook for job seekers and job switchers.
Patrina has conducted workshops for various schools and organizations including the Atlanta Mayor’s Youth Program, 21st Century Leaders Foundation, Southwest Dekalb High School, Girls of the Grove and Hurricane girls out of Loganville, GA. She was also a panelist for the Less Talk More Action Financial Empowerment Tour presented by BB&T and The Optimum Institute of Economic Empowerment. Patrina’s area of expertise is in criminal Background Checks and other Pre-Employment investigations. Connect and learn more about Patrina on LinkedIn, Twitter @PatrinaKing, and Facebook.

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