How To Get A Job: Lindsay Shoemake

How to get a job segment on Tips2GetaJob radio. Our guest host: Lindsay Shoemake currently resides in Atlanta, where she works full-time as an Account Coordinator. When she’s not working, Lindsay runs a successful blog, along with freelance social media marketing and PR work. Lindsay has been featured in well-known publications for her expertise in personal branding and was recently featured as a Twitter influencer. In the future, Lindsay hopes to own her own business, incorporating integrated social marketing and public relations.

Lindsay Shoemake






In this episode here’s what we’ll cover:

• How Lindsay got her job
• What it takes to open doors into the industry
• The type of education you should obtain
• How to stay current in the industry
• The top 2 ways to network
• What top 2 blogs are the best in the industry
• The top 2 job search strategies that can get you hired

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

The Blue Sky Agency
That Working Girl
USA Today
Jezebel Magazine
PR Daily
Ad Week
The Every Girl
The Glitter Guide

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