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Our guest host today on how to get a job segment of the show is Ree in Atlanta. She’s worked in Government and Private Sector in a variety of fields including medical, retail, and finance.

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Jacqui: Can you share with our listeners how you found your current job?

Ree: Sure. I actually went into a store to sell some precious metals and the lady I had talked with really just took to my personality and told me that I would be a great asset with her company, and she thought that I should, you know, apply for a job. And so I was really shocked by that, but I took her advice and I applied for the job, and she said that she would also put a word in with HR for me. That’s not something she normally does, but she really felt that I would be a great fit there. So, about a month later, I was called in for an interview and, you know, they also asked me how I knew the lady, and I let them know that I was a guest and I came in and purchased some things, and she just really liked my personality. And so, you know, next thing I know, I was hired on the job, so it really was, you know, me going in and networking, and you know, establishing a relationship with someone. So, I was referred.

Jacqui: Wow, that was really, good. What did you say?

Ree: I was just saying that it was a little different for me because I was out of my normal field. So, it wasn’t something that I had done before. It’s totally different for me to be in precious metals versus, you know, as you mentioned my background with finance or medical. I’m really shocked about how things can just change just like that.

Jacqui: What would you suggest that job seekers do now to find a job? What would you say would be the best thing to do or what to consider doing?

Ree: For one, I’d like to say be open-minded. If it is something you have an interest in, you know, try to open an avenue, even if it’s something that’s totally different than what you have the skills in. Just talk to people. Networking is a great resource, you know, and a great tool in order to open doors and, you know, to kind of see where you could fit in. So I think networking is a great thing and talking to people. Think outside the box.

Jacqui: Right. I’m so glad you shared that with our listeners, because that is one of the things that I’m always telling job seekers; that, step away from that computer. Get out and talk to people. Referrals work best. Like the story that you just shared proved the point that a referral helped your resume along the way. So, I would definitely suggest that people do that, because it pays off and you were able to find a job.

Ree: Very true. I’m a firm believer of it and, you know, I’m a living testimony that it really does work.

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