Featured Friday Expert Recruiter Erin M. Stevens

Our Featured Friday Expert is Erin M. Stevens, PHR, MAHR. Quirky human resources Recruiting Manager with four years experience in full cycle recruiting in a Social Services and Non-Profit setting. Obtained PHR certification prior to entering the HR field and recently obtained Masters of Arts in Human Resources from an accredited University. Favorite fields of study include recruiting, engagement, and turnover reduction practices, while increasing retention.

Recruiter Erin M Steven






In this episode here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What to expect from a full cycle recruiter
  • How to get a recruiters attention
  • Why referrals work best to get a job
  • How to ace behavioral assessments
  • The top 2 strategies to stay current in your industry
  • The different ways to obtain education
  • Why you should use social media
  • What blogs you should read
  • The top 2 recruiting sources
  • The best way to use job boards
  • Does and Don’ts to interviewing

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

 Goodwill of Southern Indiana
 Southern Indiana SHRM
Predictive Index
Blogging 4 Jobs
Undercover Recruiter
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