About JCJ


Thank you for stopping by my Blog!

Please feel free to comment and share! Your feedback is always welcome. My name is Jacqui (you probably figured that out, right?). I’m that girl from Jersey, who likes helping people. You know that friend you can talk to about anything that’s on your mind and you know you’re gonna hear real honest feedback because she doesn’t sugar coat! A friend that ask thought to provoke questions that help you move forward towards your goals. Well, that girlfriend is me!

My life’s purpose is to engage, educate and empower in an entertaining way.  I love to share people’s stories along with my mine.

You’re probably wondering what this blog is about. Well, you’re going to get a variety of topics like job alerts, my family and friends, what’s trending on social media, job search tips, my four-legged daughter, networking ideas, TV shows, interviewing techniques, Flexwork, resume tips, current events, and entertainment news. Etc. That’s why you need to check back often because you never know what I’m going to be talking about.

Fun Facts

    • I did a duet with Jill Scott!!! Well…kinda sorta, I was at a concert in the front row and Jill put the mic in my face and told me to sing with her. 
    • I am a foodie, I love to eat out at restaurants and if I could I would eat out for lunch or dinner every day. Don’t judge me.
    • I met one of my best friends online, we only met in person 3 times and we have been friends for 15 years now.
    • I used to play in 3 tennis leagues at one time.
    • I have a crazy sweet tooth, I love candy. Again, don’t judge me.
    • I love watching and talking about sitcoms and reality shows.
    • Secretly, I wanted to be a DJ at clubs, mixing house music while the party people pump their fist on the dance floor. That’s Jersey all day 😉
    • Places I lived: Georgia, Washington State, Virginia, Jersey, Texas, Germany, Panama, and Turkey
    • I stepped on Usher Raymond’s coat awkward but he gave me a kiss on the check and said it was okay. Usher was such a gentleman 😉
    • I made friends everywhere I’ve been all over the world and I talk to all of them at least once a month.

Here’s a little bit of the professional stuff

As a sought-after career coach, recruiter and human resources professional. I have helped and continue to inspire thousands of people to get hired doing the work they enjoy. My work experience catapults from Spelman College, Georgia Department of Labor, a Fortune 500 Flexwork friendly company, the largest supportive employment agency in the country and a national #Flexwork friendly outplacement firm,