To Join Webinar, Or Not? That Is The Question

To join or not to join a webinar, that is the question. In short a webinar is when you receive an email with a link to gain access to an online training website. The training maybe a video or view the trainer’s desktop. This is a great way to get trained on something new and don’t have to leave your home. I always encourage job seekers to participate in a webinar to brush up on their skills, keep your skills current and know what’s going on in your industry. Click Tips2GetaJob Podcast to hear what I had to say about a webinar I participated in and my recommendation.







In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is a webinar
  • Learn the latest on your industry
  • Keep your skills current
  • Network
  • How to find webinars
  • Search Engine
  • Associations

Items mentioned in this episode include:





Instagram App



O*Net Associations List

Now we want to hear from you click comment and share, your one way to decide if you will join a webinar or not!

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