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How Vickie Bell Got Hired!

@iJobSeek: Today’s guest Vickie Bell a Program Assistant at Pierce College in WA is the guest tonight via email.

@iJobSeek: First let me start off by saying congrats Vickie for getting a job! All the job seekers on twitter thank you for sharing your job search experience via #tips2getajob.

@iJobSeek – Q1: How did you know what to do when job searching? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A1: I knew I wanted to work for the government, or get a federal job. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek -Q2: Did you look for a specific job title or any job and how did you decide? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A2: I looked for any job within a my specific skill level. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Q3: Did you decide to get degree because you knew it was required for the position or it would increase your chances of getting hired? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A3: I got a degree to get confidence and to get a job. I thought it would increase my chance of getting a job. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Q4: Did you write your own resume? If yes, what book or website did you use as an example? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A4. Yes, I used an old book geared towards women. It was about which style resume works best. The book provided templates. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Q5: How did you decide where to look for jobs? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A5: I did a general search online. A city job search website and usajobs. #tips2getajob

@ iJobSeek – Q6: Did you use social networks to find jobs, info about the schools or info about the Principal?
Vickie – A6: No

@iJobSeek – Q7: Do you have an online resume? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A7: No

@iJobSeek – Q8: Did you look for jobs online? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A8: Graduate from Pierce College and figured why not look there for employment. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Q9: How long did it take for the entire job searching process to getting hired? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A9: It took a year. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Q10: Are there any questions about your job searching experience that wasn’t ask that you would like to share with job seekers? #tips2getajob
Vickie – A10: My 1st interview was w/the director to see if I would be a good fit. 2nd interview was a panel of the teachers working at the school. Make sure you ask deep questions during the interview. Research the company and know why you want to work there. Know what value you can bring to the company and that position. Have a positive attitude and send a thank you letter right away after the interview. #tips2getajob

@iJobSeek – Thank you so much Vickie! I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to provide #tips2getajob – Enjoyed the chat!